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Bridal Shower Polka dot fun with Waffle's and chicken

Bridal Shower Polka dot fun with Waffles and chicken

Love is in the air with mimosa's and cocktail's ready to be drinked by a bunch of beautiful women.

On a bright and sunny day filled with laughter and words of advice from the mom to friends and family from all around the country. Rachel will soon walk into a wonderful surprise to delight her self in a room of lavish blush pinks with a touch of black , cream, golds, and a pop of polka dots. Yes her favorite to a sight of custom flower arrangements, flavor scented nail polish wrapped in pink tule. A fountain of drinks, food and a delightful spread of deserts. Salted caramel wedding dress cupcakes of choice was the talk of the room. No details was missed by Rachel's guests. They observed and complimented RocDesigns Wedding's and Event Planning Services for a wonderful planned out on time event. Here comes the bride to be all dressed in a stunning white pants jumpsuit with a gold detail on her waist. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened wide with a smile ear to ear! Rachel looked around at everything and greeted her guest to a marvelous surprise! She says " This is the best bridal shower I have ever been to and you know I've been to a lot, nothing compares to this"

Thank you to her mom Mrs. Janese who gifted her daughter the Bridal Shower. 08/6/2016

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